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We stock a large selection of 600 volt class industrial and commercial fuses from many different manufactures such as: Cooper, Bussman, Ferraz, Shawmut, Littlefuse and more. Our fuses range from a fraction of an ampere up to 4000 amperes, with ratings of 250VAC, 300VAC, 500Vac & 600VAC.

We stock a variety of fuses including: Time Delay fuses, One Time fuses, Cartridge Type fuses, Blade Type fuses, Bolt-On fuses, Plug-In fuses, Current Limiting fuses, Fast Acting fuses, Semiconductor fuses and more, for many different applications.

Our fuses are typically used in a variety of electrical equipment, all of which we stock including: Safety Switches, Panelboard Switches, Bus Plugs and H.P.C. Switches.

In addition, we also stock: fuse holders, power distribution blocks, fuse blocks, and more.

Types of Fuses:
  • Plug In, Bolt On, Class J Bolt On
  • Class L Bolt On, One Time, Time Delay
  • Semi Conductor, Slow Blow, Fast Acting
  • Current Limiting, Rejection Type
  • Class H, Class T, Dual Element

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*East Coast Breakers & Controls Inc. is not an authorized distributor for any of the manufactures as listed above.