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Obsolete Breakers

Our obsolete circuit breaker inventory is extensive with a complete inventory of many obsolete, hard-to-find circuit breakers such as: Federal Pacific (F.P.E.), Gould / ITE, Zinsco, Trumbell, Wadsworth and more, as well as many older vintages of Square D, General Electric, Westinghouse and others. Our inventory includes low voltage molded case breakers, insulated case breakers, power breakers and air breakers, ranging from 15A to 3000A.

In addition, we stock many internal and external circuit breaker accessories such as: shunt trips, under-voltage releases, bell alarms, auxiliary switches, locking hasps, handle extensions, connecting strap kits, lug kits, enclosures and more.

F.P.E. Frames:
  • Stab Loc, NA, NB, NE, NEF, NEJ
  • Fusematic Current Limiting, XJL, XM
  • and more
ITE / Gould / Siemens Frames:
  • BQ, EQ-P, EQ-B, ET, EE
  • EH, EF, QJ, E, HQ, HB
  • HE, HJ, HM, HR, CC, CF
  • CJ, CM, CP, CR
  • FJ3, FJ6, JL, JJ, JKL, KM, KP
  • Cordon Current Limiting and more
Westinghouse Frames:
  • E Frame, EA Frame, EH Frame
  • F Frame, FA Frame, J frame
  • EHB Frame, EB Frame, FB Frame
  • HFB Frame, HKB Frame, HLB Frame
  • JB Frame, KB Frame, HLC Frame
  • JA Frame, KA Frame, HKA Frame
  • LA Frame, LAB Frame, HLA Frame
  • HMA Frame, HMC Frame, HNB Frame
  • K frame, KL Frame, LM Frame
  • JA Frame, KA frame, LB Frame
  • LC Frame, DA Frame, CA Frame
  • MA Frame, MC Frame, NB Frame
  • NC Frame, PA Frame, PB Frame
  • PBF Frame, PC Frame, PCG Frame
  • PCC Frame, Tri-Pac, Current Limit-R
  • Tri-Pack Current Limiting, and more
General Electric Frames:
  • TE Frames, TEF Frames, TF Frames
  • TJ Frames
  • Tri-Break Current Limiting, and more
Square D Frames:
  • ML-1, ML-2, ML-3, A1B Q1B
  • Q1, Q1L, XO, EH, EHB, A1L
  • EH, E, F, J, LA (JKL), MA, KL
  • LM, MO4, QB, QO, A1, Y1B
  • QOT, and more

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*East Coast Breakers & Controls Inc. is not an authorized distributor for any of the manufactures as listed above.