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Panelboard Switches

We stock a large selection of panelboard switches from all of the major manufactures including: Square D, General Electric (G.E.), Westinghouse / Cutler Hammer, and American / Federal Pacific (F.P.E). We stock twin and single fusible units, both plug-in and bolt-on, ranging from 30A to 1200A, and rated 240Vac and/or 600Vac.

In addition, we offer twin and single connecting strap kits, filler plates and fuses, as required for a complete electrical installation.

General Electric Types:
  • QMR, THFP, AV-Line, and more
Square D Types:
  • QMB Series 1, 2, 3, 4, D2, E1
Cutler Hammer / Westinghouse Types:
Siemens / ITE Types:
  • Vacu-Break V7, V2, VF3, and more
Federal Pacific / American Types:
  • QMQB "R" Style, QMQB "H" Style, and more

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*East Coast Breakers & Controls Inc. is not an authorized distributor for any of the manufactures as listed above.