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We stock a large selection of switchboards from various manufactures including: Square D, General Electric, Cutler Hammer, Boltswitch, Siemens and more. We stock complete units with Main Devices and Distribution sections ranging from 800A to 4000A. Our selection of switchboards typically includes units which are either: Main Lug Only (M.L.O.), Main Breaker, or Main High Contact Pressure Switch (H.P.C.). The switchboards are typically rated 120/208Y, 3-phase, 4-wire or 277/480Y, 3-phase, 4-wire. We stock both indoor, Nema-1 and outdoor, Nema-3R switchboards with and without Distribution sections and Ground Fault Systems.

Switchboard Accessories:
  • Circuit Breakers, Panelboard Switches
  • Connecting Strap Kits, Fuses, Lug Kits
  • Mounting Brackets, Filler Plates
  • Ground Fault Systems
Square D Switchboard Types:
  • QED, Power-Zone, I-Line, QMB
  • Power-Style, CBE, CBI
Cutler Hammer / Westinghouse Types:
  • Pow-R-Line, Pow-R-Master
  • Type WRI Compartmentalized
Siemens / ITE Types:
  • SB1, SB2, SB3, FC-I, FC-II, SMM

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*East Coast Breakers & Controls Inc. is not an authorized distributor for any of the manufactures as listed above.