Our circuit breaker inventory is extensive. We stock all of the major manufactures, including: Square D, General Electric, Cutler Hammer, Siemens, F.P.E, and Westinghouse, just to name a few. Our inventory includes low voltage molded case breakers, insulated case breakers, power breakers, and air breakers. We stock small plug-in and bolt-on breakers from all manufactures ranging from 15A to large frame bolt-on and draw-out breakers rated 4000A.

We also carry molded case switches and motor circuit protectors (MCP's) in all voltages and amperages.

In addition, we carry many internal and external circuit breaker accessories such as: Shunt Trips, UV Releases, Bell Alarms, Auxiliary Switches, Lug Kits, Connecting Strap Kits, Ground Fault Systems, Locking Hasps, Filler Plates, Handle Extensions, Enclosures and more.

Our specialty is in stocking new circuit breakers and obsolete circuit breakers for new and retrofit applications. All of our circuit breakers are offered at a considerable discount versus the pricing found at conventional electrical supply houses.

We stock standard conventional thermal magnetic molded case circuit breakers as well as newer more sophisticated breakers with built in programmer trip units offering functions such as: long time, short time, instantaneous and ground fault (LSIG). These types of breakers are typically required when the trip parameters and set points are of critical importance when engineering a coordination study.

Circuit Breaker Accessories:
  • Shunt Trips, Auxiliary Switches, Lug Kits
  • Under Voltage Releases, Bell Alarms
  • Trip Units, Rating Plugs, Enclosures
  • Ground Fault Systems, Mounting Screws
  • Filler Plates, Connecting Strap Kits

Circuit Breaker Lines:
Eaton / Cutler Hammer / Westinghouse:
  • Series C, Seltronic, Ab De-Ion, SPB, Tri-Pac
  • Quicklag, Industrial, Current Limit-R
Square D / Merlin Gerin / Schneider:
  • I-Line, Power Pact, I-Limiter, Micrologic
General Electric:
  • Record Plus, Tri-Break
Siemens / ITE / Murray:
  • Sentron Series, Cordon
Federal Pacific:
  • Stab Lok, Fusematic